How to Make Linoleum Floors Shine- Care & Tips

Linoleum floors are a popular choice in homes, but they can quickly get dull and look dirty. If you want to know how to make linoleum floors shine again, then read on! We’ll show you how you can restore the linoleum floors in your home while saving time and money.

First, we’ll show you how to remove the dirt and grit from your linoleum floors before we share our simple and inexpensive homemade linoleum floor cleaner recipe.

1. Cleaning the Linoleum Floor

1 Vacuum First, vacuum your floor thoroughly with a powerful vacuum cleaner. This is especially important if you haven’t done so in some time as it will give you a more thorough clean during the cleaning process.

Scrub the floor and mix dishwashing liquid with hot water until the dishwashing liquid dissolves enough for you to be able to spread it around on your floor using a spray mop or sponge. Then wipe down all of your linoleum floors thoroughly and let them dry naturally.

The best way to make linoleum shine again is by cleaning it. Still, it would help if you kept in mind that this will also remove any layer of protection your floor may currently have as soon as your floor dries out after cleaning.

2. Waxing Linoleum Floor with Linoleum Wax Shine

Spread Linoleum Wax Shine on your linoleum floors with a mop or sponge before leaving it to dry for 30 minutes. You can then buff the floor by using a soft, lint-free cloth. Finally, use a wet terry cloth towel to remove any wax residue from your floor, and you’ll have beautiful-looking linoleum again!

How to Restore Shine to Linoleum Flooring

Suppose you don’t want to go through all this trouble of making linoleum shine yourself. In that case, there is another way that will save you time and money – hire a professional cleaner.

Suppose you leave dirty linoleum floors unattended for long periods. In that case, they may end up with permanent stains that won’t be easy to clean off. And suppose you think hiring a professional cleaner involves sticking your fingers in your wallet.

In that case, you’ll be happy to know that there are ways you can get them to clean all the floors in your home for an affordable price. For example, you can hire a good local cleaning company. Make sure All their prices are also upfront and final – without any hidden fees or charges!

Our Verdict: 

After reading our guide on making linoleum shine again, we hope that it has helped give you some ideas on what’s possible.

We’ve used this method many times before with great results, but if these methods don’t work for you, then why not try out one of the Handy professional companies who can offer you a number of different options to clean your home.

But Hold On!

What is the best wax for Linoleum Floors Shine?

Waxing your floors are one of the easiest ways to maintain their beauty. There are so many different types of waxes that you may not know what is best for your flooring. Here’s a breakdown of what type of wax will work best for Linoleum Floors Shine: –

how to make linoleum floors shine again

Natural Waxes- these give off an earthy smell and have a high melting point which means they don’t melt when it’s hot outside, but they’re also very expensive.

Polishes– these come in liquid form and can be applied with a mop or sponge

Sealants- this type coats the surface and helps protect against spills and stains.

 Lacquers– these products protect from scratches as well as damage from heat and humidity

Shellacs- this type of wax is made from a resin and dissolves in alcohol; it may give off an unpleasant odor and needs to be reapplied often.

Oil-based Waxes- these contain pigments that produce a rich color, but can cause discoloration on light floors.

Water-Based Waxes- the Shine given off by these waxes is similar to that of polyurethane. They dry quickly, don’t produce strong odors, and are easy to clean up after applying.

However, if you’re looking for just a product that won’t break the bank, then it has been known as one of the best choices for Shine! This type will give your linoleum floors a deep, wet shine. The best part about this is that it’s been reported as being very easy to remove if you ever want to change the finish on your floors.

Linoleum Floor Care Tips – A quick guide for cleaning and maintaining linoleum floors:

Cleaning a Linoleum floor is very easy. For best results, we recommend using a lint-free mop. You can use either water, oil soap, or commercially available cleaners such as “Orange Glo.”

You can mix warm water with bleach (50/50 solution) to lighten the area first before scrubbing it for more stubborn stains.

Do not mix too much bleach, as it will begin to break down the coloring on your flooring.

how to make a dull linoleum floor shine

A bucket of clean rinse water is a must after bleaching any part of your linoleum floor.

Rinse thoroughly until residue from bleach is gone.

We don’t recommend using any household cleaners other than “Orange Glo” or plain water on your linoleum flooring.

The waxes used in most products, especially wood floors, can leave a surface film that will attract dust and dirt to the floor.

Many of these solutions also contain harsh chemicals that are bad for many different types of surfaces, including linoleum floors.

Do not use ammonia-based cleaners or glass cleaners on your linoleum floors.

Linseed oil is an excellent choice if you want to shine your floor without making it slippery.

It also adds a layer of protection but be warned; it does have its drawbacks: Applying Linseed Oil over Time May Cause Yellowing Over time, linseed oil turns into a yellowish color.

This is just the nature of linseed oil, and that’s why it’s always best to test out your floor before opting for this route.

A quick word about “Restoration Services” is if they tell you that they have special chemicals for linoleum floors. Find someone else who knows at least as much about cleaning and maintaining linoleum floors as me!

There are no special chemicals needed when restoring linoleum.

In fact, I don’t use anything but water when cleaning my hallway with its high traffic area because it still cleans up great every time.

It’s the same with any linoleum flooring product; they are made to be durable and maintainable.

However, some areas are more susceptible to staining-like kitchens, for example.

If you have a linoleum stain that is old or dark, there might not be anything that you can do about it but wait until it wears off naturally on its own.

how to make dull linoleum shine

FAQs: How to make Linoleum Floors Shine?

Q: Can I polish linoleum floors?

A: YES, Linoleum floors can be polished and waxed.

Q: How to polish linoleum floors?

A: You can use a polisher to shine your linoleum floors in no time.

Q: What is the Best Floor Polish for Linoleum Floors?

A: Use Bona Hardwood Floor Polish; it will leave your floor looking amazing with a beautiful shine! This product has been specifically formulated to restore the original finish of outdoor hardwood floors by providing better resistance against staining and wear. It also contains natural oils that help revive dull or dried-out wooden surfaces.

The best part is that Bona Hardwood Floor Polish is easy to apply and leaves behind a pleasant scent!

Q: How to clean linoleum floors?

A: First, use a distilled water and a microfiber mop to wet the entire floor. Second, apply Bona Hardwood Floor Polish using a polisher and work it into the floor with your damp mop. Third, leave on for 5 minutes and then wipe up excess polish with a dry microfiber mop. Finally, wait an hour and then buff to remove any remaining polish. We have also mentioned the detailed process above in this article.

Q: What is Linoleum?

A: Linoleum comprises polymers that bind together naturally occurring raw materials such as linseed oil, pine rosin, wood flour, ground cork dust. Englishman Frederick Walton invented it in 1863.

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