BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

The BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 2306A cleaning mop has a strong cleaning power and functions on a simple mechanism. It sucks up all the dust and dirt while washing your surfaces simultaneously. Its strong cleaning power is an outcome of that suction capability, both of which play a key role in its cleaning action. 

The best part about this machine is that it solves as a carpet cleaner as well. It has a suction power ranging from 100-150 AW, Which is sufficient to clean off various dirt particles on your floors. Read here about Best Microfiber spray mop

The unique factor about this love is that it can clean low pile carpets and a variety of heart floorings. It is specially designed using a brush roll for this purpose while delivering outstanding results.

The Bissell CrossWave floor cleaning mop has a strong motor with an efficient input power which draws about 4.4 A amps for the unit to run. If you consider it, then it comes off as a quite efficient serving unit, which allows the machine to suction all the dirt while easily rotating the brush roll. It consumes around 600 W of power which is adequate for a normal training session task.

On top of that, the Bissell CrossWave Comes with a set of two different tanks which function separately. Out of the two, one of them holds the cleaning formula, mixed with water inside it, while the other one contains storage of the dirty water that has been sucked up by the machine. 

The purpose of having separate tanks is to prevent the mixing up of clean and dirty water and therefore adding to the unit’s efficiency while making it more stable. 

The good thing is that the capacity for the dirty water tank is about 14.5 ounces, which means you can store a large amount of water as you clean. Secondly, it’s motor consists of an automatic system that is shut down once it has filled.

To provide you with an alert, the device runs on a simple mechanism which stops the motor from running and indicates with an alerting sound for the tank to be emptied soon.

The best part about the Bissell CrossWave mop is that It’s clean water tank has a capacity of 28 ounces. However, unlike the dirty water tank, it does not have an alerting system. This means you have to constantly keep a check on the water measurements.BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Just to have a rough approximation, if your tank is full then it can clean around an area of 700 square feet. 

The clean water tank also consists of two lines on it, which indicates the amount of water that is required for large and small messages in correspondence to the amount of cleaning solution that you have added.

This gives you a great benefit as none of your cleaning solutions goes to waste as it provides you the absolute amount of cleaning formula and water ratio to have an officiant mopping performance.

The Bissell CrossWave Pro’s Filter is a washable device since it aims to trap all the sucked up debris and dirt. It is not a HEPA filter, although is quite efficient in its trapping job against allergens and bacteria.

Make sure that you regularly wash this filter and air dry it, before it is fixed back into this position. 

You need to understand that this filter has a lifespan and will eventually expire while it would also require a replacement. However,  you do not have to worry about an additional cost, since it will only bring about an expenditure of $10,

which can be easily purchased on the official website provided by the manufacturers. Make sure that you replace your filter as soon as you find it to be incorrectly functioning or its condition to be deteriorating. 

The Bissell CrossWave has a tall height of about 46 inches allowing you to easily hold it without having backache problems. It can also be used by the elderly and even your children given it’s extremely lightweight quality.

This product weighs about $11 allowing you to easily sweep the floor under your furniture and mop around without any hassle. 

The unique factor is that you can easily maneuver it as you move from one room to another since it is not extremely heavy. This spray Mop comes with 12 inches of width and 10.5 inches in depth, Making it a compact device so that it can be stored in a small area.

In case you are concerned as to how the product will stand on its own, then you have nothing to worry about since it comes with a protective tray to prevent any damage to floors. You can just remove it’s brush roll and put it on a tray that comes with the vacuum or safer storage option.

Bissell CrossWave Comes with a set of accessories in its package. On arrival, you will receive a box with the unit itself, along with two different kinds of formulas, each of 8 ounces. One of which will be a  Multi-surface pet formula whole the second one will be a Febreze freshness spring and renewal formula.  The package also includes a rinsing cup, a rinsing funnel, a brush roll, a drying tray, and a storage tray. A user manual and a starter guide will also be a part of this package to provide you the convenience of use.

Bissell CrossWave may come off as an expensive investment, however, it’s value and performance is worth the money. To provide an absolute convenience, the manufacturers have offered a three year-long warranty in case of malfunctioning or anywhere in their off the device. So you have nothing much to worry about, as your investment will not go to any waste.


✔️It comes with a three-year warranty
✔️ It has a storage tray
It comes with two formulas
It provides efficient cleaning performance
✔️ It sucks up all the dust and dirt
It can be used for carpet cleaning


❌It is an expensive mop

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