O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

The O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop is a Quick fix for your floor cleaning messes. O-Cedar has been in the mop product business for over many years and no doubt that they introduced the ProMist Max microfiber spray mop, which has been ranked as one of the best moves amongst its users.

Let us discover the reason behind it.

The O-Cedar ProMist spray mop is quite a simple device that is specially designed to be user-friendly. In addition to that it is not extremely expensive I’m sure you can afford it without thinking twice.

This ProMist mop is extremely lightweight, weighing only 2 lbs, which adds to its ease of use. In fact, since it is quite lightweight you can easily run over and round as you move from one place to another or as you pick it up to keep in a safe storage area. 

The good thing about this mop is that you can fill it with your preferred cleaning solution without the hassle. On top of that offers a set of reusable and machine washable cleaning pads that can wipe clean your floors. Not only is this O-Cedar mop fast but provides a brilliant cleaning outcome.

The O-Cedar ProMist spray mop has been built keeping in mind a quite simple design to complement its functioning. The simplistic design provides you with convenience so that it can be used by all age groups, for instance, the elderly, adults, and children. A circular handle is placed on the top of the mop which also consists of a trigger button. The trigger button when pressed sprays water around the household floors. In the center of the body unit you may find a water tank, which is attached to a cleaning head. The cleaning head consists of a set of cleaning beds which are tightly held by Velcro straps on the base

O-Cedar ProMist spray mop consists Of cleaning bags that are made up of microfibre. These also consist of scrubbing strips that are small in size. The scrubbing strips from the purpose of removing stuff degrees and dirt which are stuck on your floor types.

The O-Cedar ProMist Gives off an aesthetic vibe, along with its cleaning style. It comes in a red color scheme which serves as an attraction to the majority of its buyers. In fact, it’s color is decent enough to easily gel into your kitchen decor. 

The O-Cedar ProMist spray mop provides sufficient cleaning in a quite straightforward manner which follows a simple protocol. All you need to do is locate the trigger on the hand and squeeze it to spray the cleaning solution and the water. Next, you just use your spray mop to clean off all the cleaning solution and that water that is spread on the floor.O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

In case there are any hard stains or tough debris then, you can always use a little firm push back and forth to scrub them off. Scrubbing with this mop will lift up all the sticky messages on your floor.

The O-Cedar ProMist Has been built to have a good height since it is 53.4 inches tall. This allows you to easily hold onto them without bending much forward which can cause severe back pain. Secondly, the mob has a compact size since it is 4.8 inches deep and 8.6 inches wide. This allows the spray mop to scrub under your furniture or reach those hard and corners. Additionally, having a compact size allows it to be stored in small spaces.

The best part about this spray mop is that it only weighs around 1.95 pounds, which makes it extremely lightweight. With this trait, you can easily maneuver this mob and move it around obstacles from one room to another as you clean.

The O-Cedar ProMist spray mop is a simple design Hands does not come with a set of additional accessories or available parts. However, you will receive a single cleaning pad made up of microfiber which helps in scrubbing and cleaning debris and dirt.

This mop is great for not only debris and dirt but can also clean heavy mads, honey, liquid messes and can provide a great form of sweeping.

In addition to that, you may find this more to deliver a brilliant performance on hardwood floors especially when it comes to sweeping.  In addition to that, you do not have to connect this mop to any power source or waste your precious time and charging into batteries.

It can be used on a daily basis as you mop and sweep your dirty floors.

This easy to use mop requires no virtual set up. Once you receive the box and open it up, you may find that it is completely assembled and just requires to be used immediately. However, you may need to take a minute to fill up its water tank before use.

The good thing about the water tank is that it is removable and can be pulled up but simply pressing a button. 

The cherry on top, this may provide a 360 degree turning which provides the comfort of one thing under your furniture, around obstacles, and into corners – all of this without any discomfort or repositioning each time.

It also comes with a flat lay feature, which is quite impressive since it promotes cleaning under the furniture. Now you can push it under the edge of your couch without much effort.

The O-Cedar ProMist spray mop Comes at a reasonable price and service and great value for its performance. It is also quite easy to maintain and keep this one without any additional costs.

To provide you with additional comfort, the manufacturers have provided a one year long warranty in case of malfunctioning of the product. On top of that, Amazon provides a 30 day long return policy for this product.


✔️It is extremely lightweight and easy to move around
✔️ It can get rid of stains
It provides a quick cleaning session
It is not extremely expensive
It has a good value for money


❌It sounds with only one set of cleaning bags

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