10 Best mop for laminate floors 2023- Reviews and & Guide

Laminate flooring definitely makes your home a more beautiful and welcoming place. However, their maintenance and cleaning are difficult. In order to maintain the beauty of your laminate floors, it is essential for you to opt for the appropriate cleaning tools.

Therefore, you need the best mop for laminate floors, that should be able to totally remove grime, dust, and dirt without causing any damage.

Laminate floors exist in a variety of distinctive styles that are available at quite an ambitious price. Choosing upon the best mop to clean laminate floors will help you in prolonging your floor life.

The shops are full of a variety of products for laminate floor mops however, there are only a few available best mops to use on laminate floors.  

In order to help you choose the appropriate cleaning tool,

10 best laminate floor cleaner mops.

1Bona Stone LaminateExtra-large mop head9.5
2O-Cedar EasyWringDeep-cleaner9.5
3Microfiber MopDry Wet Reusable Dust Mops9.4
4LINKYO Spin MopEasy Wringer Bucket9.6
5Temples Pride MopAll in 1 kit Dry & Wet Cleaning9.4
6Finnhomy Mop360 Degree9.8
7BISSELL PowerFreshSteam Tile and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner,9.7
8CycloMopSpinning Spin Mop9.4
9TreeLen Laminate Floor MopReplacement Heads9.8
10OLLSDIRE MopBuff flat Mop9.3

1.Bona Stone Laminate Floor Spray Mop

Bona Stone Laminate Floor Spray Mop

If you have to clean large areas then the Bona Stone Laminate Floor Spray is an item that you definitely need to invest in. This remarkable device has been designed with a mop head that is large in size which allows a top speed for cleaning.

If you are a housewife or a single mother – who is always in a rush –  then this microfibre mop for laminate floors will greatly help you in saving a good amount of time. This is also one of the  best spray mops for laminate floors.

This mop special has been designed with great versatility as it can cater to floors like linoleum, stones, terrazzo, vinyl, tiles, and even marbles. You do not have to worry anymore if you have a house filled with a variety of different floor styles since this mop is your one-stop solution.

Since it’s not limited to only laminated floors you can use it with ease for a longer time period. 

Newsflash: You can start your cleaning right away! Yes, this is true. 

This unique model comes with a special package that contains a floor cleaning solution of about 1 L making your cleaning a much easier task.

It consists of a cartridge which can easily be refilled. The device also contains cleaning pads which are not only machine washable but will not undergo any wear and tear after multiple washes. 

This mopping device has been designed with unique features to ensure its flexibility and durability while making it quite simple to be used. To add to its flexibility, it consists of rubber corners along with a folding hook and an added grip that makes its storage much easier.


✔️ It is a durable device
✔️ It’s cleaning pads are machine washable
✔️ It is lightweight
✔️ It has a cartridge which can be easily refilled


❌ It does not have any extra cleaning pads

2.O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop consists of a unique spinning feature that makes the cleaning of your laminate floors easier. It has a unique design featuring a foot pedaling spin accompanied by a wringer, which is not only hands-free but can greatly reduce all kinds of messes that occur in between a cleaning process. 

You won’t believe it!
This unique spin ringing technique is incorporated in order to eliminate all possibilities of floor damage. In fact, it also helps in controlling and minimizing the amount of moisture that your laminate floor receives. This means that your laminate floors can be protected in the long run.

Tired of those stubborn grimes and stains? Well,  worry no more because this mop with its microfibre and well absorbing pads, you can wipe clean all those messes. To keep your splash and spray contained in a bucket this device also comes with a splash guard feature. Additionally, you do not have to use any bleach or fabric softening solutions with this mopping device.

This mop consists of a triangular-shaped mopping head which is perfect if you want to clean those tough corners. Moreover, it’s mopping head has 360 degrees rotating feature which makes it easier for you to reach areas under your furniture. You can use this mop for both, wet and even dry cleaning.

To top it off, it is this an adjustable handle height that can reach up to 51 inches of height – allowing you a more convenient cleaning experience. This is quite a lightweight product, weighing only 5.35 pounds. Apart from being the best dust mop for laminate floors, it can also cater to hard flooring.


✔️ Can be easily maneuvered
✔️ It can be assembled and used easily
✔️ It controls moisture
✔️ Handle height is adjustable


It is fragile

3.Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning

The Microfibre Mop for floor cleaning is of the utmost highest quality that you can use on your home laminate floors. This durable device is made up of aluminum alloys. It consists of microfiber pads that are not only reusable but can be washed over and over again, which is a huge factor contributing towards it’s longer life span.

The best part is:
This mopping device consists of a spinning head that rotates at an angle of 360 degrees without any self ringing techniques being incorporated. This mop is m amongst the best-wet mops for laminate floors as well as for dusting and sweeping activities. Not only does it cater to laminate flooring, but is versatile in the cleaning of other floor kinds like hardwood, vinyl, and wood.

The head size of this mop is 1 inch long while it can be extended to a height of minimum 35 inches and a maximum of 60 inches – providing you the best of comfort for your cleaning sessions. Since this mop is made up of aluminum alloys this makes it an extra-light device.

Weighing only 1.5 pounds, you can easily maneuver and store it. This can be a quite handy feature if you have back problems or are of an older age.

It consists of microfibre parts that are highly compatible with machine washes and are durable since they can be washed up to 100 times without any wear or tear. It’s microfibre pads are thick in nature, hence can get rid of all grimes and stains.

To add more, it has a complete money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer. What more could you ask for?


✔️Not very expensive
✔️ It is versatile
✔️ Microfibre pads are environmentally friendly
✔️ Handle height is adjustable


❌Microfibre pads are not easy to clean

4.LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System

LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System

Cleaning becomes more of a frustrating task instead of a good experience when you cant reach those tough corners and clean off tough stains. 

We all have been there! Have we not?
The LINKYO Spin Mop Bucket System comes with a handle height that can easily be adjusted. Its extendable height up to 70 inches allows you to cover all possible corners. In fact, its head also comes with a 360-degree rotating feature, making cleaning more simple.

This mop has a large-sized head of about 17.75 inches, this means you can clean all those dirty areas in a quick span of time. If you are busy working women, always on the go, then this mop is the ideal choice for you. 

This mopping device is not only an ideal product for your homes but can be efficiently used in your offices given its remarkable performance. Upon purchasing you ill also receive microfibre mopping cloths ( which have a 2x reversible feature) and a one-time usable mopping pad.

Both, these cloths and pads are not only machine washable but can be reused over and over again without causing any environmental damage. All these features greatly add to its durability.

The mop was designed with a body made up of aluminum, to enhance its lightweight feature, while its stainless steel was used to devise its handle. This device weighs around 2.4 pounds, allowing easy maneuvering. To top it off, it consists of ABS plastics, which add to the life span of the mop. 

Big news: This mop is not very expensive but yet provides great performance.


✔️ Can be assembled quickly and with ease
✔️ Can be maneuvered easily
✔️ Its height handle that can be adjusted
✔️ It is not very expensive


The plastic material is not quite flexible

5.Temples Pride MopTemples Pride Mop

Temples Pride Mop is ranked amongst the best mop for laminate wood floors, especially because they are quite easy to maneuver and consist of washable attached pads. 

Get this:
It’s microfibre pads are greatly compatible with machine wash while, subsequently being environmentally safe. These pads can be washed over and over again without any wear or tear – allowing them to last longer without shrinking in size.

This mop also consists of a telescopic handle that has an adjustable height, which can reach up to a minimum of 29 inches and a maximum of 69 inches. This model consists of a sleek, tough, and a well built handle design.

The base of this mop has been designed to be large enough, in order to finish tasks in a quick time span. With its 18 inch base, you can easily cover in those tough areas. Above all, it’s designing and assembling process has received much admiration all across the globe. 

To top it off, it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company owners of this mop, also claim to boast about their customer service and care support.

In case you are facing any difficulties or are dissatisfied with the product, do not hesitate in contacting the company for your convenience. Weighing only 2.12 pounds, this cleaning device has a height of 69 inches. This depicts that this mop does not require a large space for its storage. 

This unique and remarkable mop will make your cleaning relatively easier and simpler than it has ever been.


✔️ Cleans faster because of its large head
✔️ Has a handle height that can be adjusted
✔️ Has exceptional customer support and care
✔️ Pads can be easily swapped


❌It’s Velcro strips are not well designed

 6.Finnhomy Microfiber Spray Mop

Finnhomy Microfiber Spray Mop

The Finnhomy Microfiber Spray Mop is yet another remarkable option if you require a fast and more convenient cleaning experience. With its reusable and washable microfibre pads, this device becomes the best mop for laminate wood flooring. 

Fact is:

This mop has microfibre pads that are multifunctional and do not require instant replacement. In fact, this set includes an extra two cleaning pads to enhance your cleaning sessions. Moreover, you do not have to worry about wearing and tearing or any floor damage.

This a safe device for all your laminate flooring. It does not matter if you are not that tech-savvy since this device provides convenience for all.

It has an amazing rod and great control for its handgrip making your cleaning easy and simple. With such remarkable and custom features you are bound to have a more relaxing cleaning experience instead of causing any fatigue.

To make cleaning more comfortable for you, this mop comes with a 360-degree rotating head feature. Yes, not can you only maneuver this device with ease but store it in a more convenient space.

If you have been facing a great amount of trouble in reaching those tough corners and removing those stubborn stains, then worry no more. With the existence of this mop, you can easily access areas that are tough to reach and get rid of those dirty patches.

Doesn’t this make cleaning a more exciting experience than it was ever before? With its outstanding performance, it is bound to win over your vote.


✔️ It saves you a great amount of time
✔️ Consist of two extra cleaning pads
✔️ It has washable cleaning pads
✔️ It can be easily assembled
✔️ Its polls are durable


Instead of an automatic spray, it has a manual one
The liquid can clog at times

7.BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop   

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop

Still not sure if the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is as worthy as it claims to be? Well, to win you over, BISSELL is ranked amongst the good mops for laminate floors. It consists of a spray mop that is quite powerful and displays efficient performance at a great value for its price.

And there is no harm in saying that, it has a special feature, for instance, the quick heat up timing along with the feature of a removable tank, which is able to clear all sorts of dirty patches. 

The good news: To empower its cleaning performance this mop has been designed with three adjustable steam cleaning modes, that will make your cleaning experience a more convenient and simpler one. Yes, you can now choose between three digitally controlled low, medium, or high steam modes to make your floor cleaning a more efficient task.

This is a versatile mop since it can cater to a variety of floor styles like marble, vinyl, and even hardwood. This mop was designed to have a sleek and modern outlook, while it only weighs about 6 pounds.

Additionally, this special mop also consists of a downward flipping scrubber, which is a great solution if you want to clean up on all the stuck-up messes while mopping. However, if you wish to clean the large patches of liquid dirt then this may be not quite efficiently possible with the steam mop.

Additionally, you can use this map to Saturdays and clean all your hard floors without using any of those harsh chemicals. To top it off this will consist of a 23-foot long cord that allows you to easily maneuver into different rooms without the hassle of switching outlets constantly.


✔️ Its water tank has a higher capacity
✔️ It is lightweight
✔️ Has a greater cord length
✔️ Three digital steam cleaning modes


Does not have any additional features

8.CycloMop Commercial Spinning

CycloMop Commercial Spinning

You must be quite fed up with maths that require hard pressing and unable to completely dry the floor leaving them looking weary and dull. Well, CycloMop Commercial Heavy Duty Spinning Mop, is a complete spinning unit that may bring you great joy given its convenient wheels. This spinning dry and wet mop promises you an outstanding cleaning performance.

This commercial mop is designed with a microfibre head that is extremely soft and leaves behind no batches of thought. Whether you are cleaning your ceilings and wiping of those windows or mopping up that floor, it covers it all. It has a strong tough design, build specially to provide you stability during its use.

This mop consists of a strong rod hooked to it, which means that you can easily clean surfaces without the fear of breaking the device or the pain of bending over. In fact, apart from this device, its bucket is of great strength too.

News alert: it is a  remarkable bucket that possesses stability. In fact, you do not have to fear it spinning or moving sideways as you use it. The best part is, that it will cause no form of splashes or leakage while wringing. No doubt it is an amazing construction that will enhance your cleaning experience and minimize your cleaning time.

This heavy-duty mop is your ultimate lifesaver, especially if you want to dry up your floors within a time span of milliseconds and require a highly efficient cleaning system. Not only does it minimize your cleaning time but it also offers dry and wet cleaning with its spinning system.


✔️ Its water tank has a higher capacity
✔️ Provides both dry and wet cleaning
✔️ Has an outstanding construction
✔️ Can spin-dry within seconds
✔️ Has a strong bucket that will not break that easily


The mop head might have a few mechanical issue

9.TreeLen Laminate Floor Mop

TreeLen Laminate Floor Mop

This TreeLen laminate floor mop is an outstanding device if you wish to get rid of those pet hair, lying everywhere around your home floor. With it’s a remarkable ultra-thin body, it possesses a 360-degree rotating feature.

With its modern sleek design, you can maneuver this mop with ease and at your utmost comfort. This also allows you to reach each and every corner of your room. This mopping device ensures that you leave no corner uncleaned.

The best feature. This modern mop consists of a plastic frame that prevents you from scratching any part of your furniture as you’re trying to clean them. Isn’t that great? Now, you can clean without the fear that your furniture may get damaged.

It consists of a mopping head which is made up of microfibres and is 15 inches large. These microfiber maps will reduce your cleaning time while leaving your laminate floors spotless after a thorough cleaning session. Compared to other devices, this mop exhibits great cleaning performance.

Given its aluminum built handle, cleaning becomes a much easier and an effective task, without overwhelming your hands. Since this device is easy to maneuver you can easily store and carry it.

To top it off,  this mop consists of microfibre cleaning cloths that are multifunctional. This is a versatile mop,  as it can cater to different floor styles like stone floors, concrete, hardwood, and tiles. Yes, it’s not just your laminate floors that can be efficiently cleaned.

You would be delighted to know that this device is a perfect combination not for your homes but for your office place too.


✔️ The mop is not quite expensive
✔️ It can be manoeuvered easily
✔️ It can save you a great amount of time
✔️ Has a multi-functional training system feature


The pads are not included with the mop

 10.OLLSDIRE Microfiber Mop Laminate Floor Cleaner

OLLSDIRE Microfiber Mop Laminate Floor Cleaner

The OLLSDIRE Microfiber Mop Laminate Floor Cleaner. It’s a great choice for a dry microfiber mop. However, it has great distinctive features when compared to others. 

To start off, this might consist of bad but have a full loop feature within its corners which allows them to remain attached to the mop. If you are searching for an alternative for Velcro then this mop should be your ideal choice, since it prevents any form of wear and tear because of its pad attachment. In fact, it has loops that are specially designed to cater to the issue. 

To top it off: This mob has a unique feature where it’s pads follow a squeezing mechanism. All you need to do is let loose the hand lock and lower the cleaning head so that the pads can loosely hang and easily rotate the handle until the area is all dried up. In fact, this unique feature permits you to squeeze the pad with ease and without removing them.

With the sleek and modern design and microfibre buds, you can easily reach inconvenient corners and areas and get rid of the stuff stains from your laminate floor. It is a tough design which means it won’t break easily.

Compared to other modern maps this is quite a flexible microfibre mop. It also consists of a swiveling head that can move around completely. However, it lacks a handle height which could be adjusted. But given its wonderful perks, you might want to compromise on this feature.

It provides you a 12-month warranty which means that you don’t have to fear for your cleaning activities. It is a simple and unique design that comes with three mopping heads.


✔️ Has three moping heads
✔️ Has a swiveling cleaning head
✔️ Contains a loop mop pad attachment
✔️ Mop Pads can be easily squeezed


No adjustable handle height

Buyer’s Guide In Choosing The Best Mop for Laminate Floors

To keep your laminate floors in perfect shape, it is essential to invest In the best mop for your laminate floor. Given that, there are a variety of remarkable products in the market, you may find it hard to choose amongst the best ones.

That being the reason you need to specifically consider the one which will not cause any damage to the laminate flooring.

Discussed below, are a few factors that you need to take into consideration for differentiating between the bogus ones and the most appropriate products of all.

Cleaning Techniques

Cleaning the laminate floors requires removing dust, grime, dirt, and debris from it. Oil-based solutions or soaps are often not used to clean such flaws.

When choosing the best mop for laminate floors ensure that you opt for a pad with a wider head, which is made up of microfibres and can be handled with ease.

Best mop for laminate floors

Since you will require to use some amount of water to clean your laminate flooring make sure that you’re up for a mug that comes with a spraying bottle. A high-quality mop might contain a cleaning dispenser consisting of a spraying bottle tagged along with the mop.

Make sure that you also take into consideration the designing of your cleaning mop since it plays an essential role by sucking and sweeping water and dust from the flooring.

You can opt for a steam mop send it can I help you in getting rid of tough stains and eliminating those tiny Jones. Additionally, steam mops require less effort while cleaning.

On the contrary, robotic mops can help you and identify areas that you have already cleaned. This way you will not go over a similar spot once more.

The Material Of The Pad

The pad material can greatly contribute to the cleaning of your laminate floors. Make sure that you opt for a mop which consists of floor pads with protection.

Such a design will help you in having a carefree cleaning experience, without any scratches on the floor. Before purchasing the best mop for laminate floors ensure that it has a protective mopping pad.

Make sure that you choose a pad that can be replaced easily. This is so as, reusable pads do not have a longer lifespan. You also need to take into consideration the kind of pad that you are choosing that is: whether it is wet or a dusting one.

Choosing a pad style will provide versatility in your cleaning sessions and allow smooth results to be achieved.

Mobility and Weight

Floor mopping is quite an intensive activity. Opting for a mob that is heavy in weight will leave you with a strain in your back. On the contrary, if you opt for a lightweight mop, it will provide you ease in cleaning without causing any physical discomfort.

Opting for the best mop for laminate floors will help you in easy maneuvering whilst cleaning. A lightweight mop will not require much effort and would easily change in the position that is required by you. 

Best mop for laminate floors

Mops also come with adjustable handles while offering custom features. Make sure you opt for a particular mop which offers a swivel action while mopping. The swiveling action will allow you to adjust mop handling while offering the utmost efficient results.

The swiveling action provides flexibility to the pads as they can reach each and every area for cleaning. This means that you can mop and clean with ease and with less effort under heavy furniture, kitchen cabinets, and small behind toilet areas.

Durability Of The Pad And Mop

You definitely want to opt for a product that has a greater life and is easy to use. While looking for the best mop for laminate floors, ensure that you buy a product that will not easily break or provide a low-quality performance.

A mop’s durability needs to be taken into consideration quite seriously if you wish to have a smooth cleaning session. Make sure that you avoid string mops since they tend to wear out quite faster as compared to sponge or microfiber ones.

Make sure that you opt for a mop which at least has two parts to ensure its longevity. Additionally, make sure that you choose the more that can be cleaned and stored easily to give it a longer lifespan.

Attachments Included

You need to pay extra attention to all the attachments that come with a mop. These mopping attachments will provide you with an easy method to clean sweep those crannies and nooks on your new laminate floor.

Make sure that you choose the best model for laminate floors that comes with numerous attachments to make your cleaning effortless, efficient and smooth.


If you are on a low budget, it might be quite tempting for you to choose upon a cheaper model of a cleaning mop or your laminate floor. However, you need to understand that these cheap mops may not be useful in the long run. In fact, they might not even offer amazing results.

Best mop for laminate floors

While opting for the best mop the laminate floors, you need to choose one that will last for a good couple of years. Hence, thoroughly consider the choice you’re making for purchasing one.

On the contrary, you might want to save up to invest in a more expensive model. This may be an expensive option although this investment will prove to be the perfect convenience along with a high standard of quality.

Choosing an expensive model means you have the facility of powered microfibre pads which will polish, vacuum, and even clean your floor with every push. 

Regardless, of the number of times you operate these expensive models, they will cause no damage to your floors.


While looking for the best mop for laminate floors you need to consider the ease of its use. The mop needs to be convenient for you in order to provide a strong performance. Manufacturers have built a variety of maps to provide convenience, however, it is impossible to cover them all in one machine. 

Regardless, you need to take into consideration a few features that can make your cleaning session easier.

Adjustable handle height.

Make sure that you opt for one that comes with an adjustable height of its handle. This will be beneficial if you are either too tall or too short. In fact, it will also allow you to reach certain areas under the furniture.

Cleaning head size.

Make sure you opt for a small cleaning head size, especially if you have an item of low height furniture and your laminate rooms. This is a major concern while purchasing a steam mop since they are quite heavy and then other mops.

Cleaning head shape.

The shape of the head is considerably important especially if you want to clean corners, triangular spaces, and even rectangular ones. If you want to cover all these mentioned spaces make sure that you do not opt for a round cleaning head, this is so as they are not capable of cleaning such corners.


While choosing the best mop for laminate floors, Make sure that you have done your research thoroughly over the internet by reading product reviews. These reviews will give you a better insight into the product that you are willing to purchase.

Final thoughts

In order to preserve the quality of your laminate floors, you need the appropriate cleaning tools for it. It is essential to provide appropriate care for these flaws in order to increase their lifespan. 

Laminate floors require cleaning on a regular basis, otherwise, the collection of dust and debris will make your flooring appear dull and faded. Laminate floor cleaning is water-resistant hence you need to choose a map that does not use an excess of water.

You need to opt for a mop that will be an optimum choice for your laminate flooring. Make sure that you choose a versatile appliance, to produce effective and safe cleaning results.

Before going shopping, ensure that you have done your research thoroughly while examining factors like weight, durability, mobility, materials, and even the price tag of the mop that you wish to purchase for your laminate floor.

Hopefully, these laminate floor mop reviews were informative and useful enough to help you in making a wise decision. Who knew that cleaning would become so easy. Now, you are well aware of what kind of mop to use on your laminate floors, put on your shopping shoes and off you go. 

It’s time to make those laminate floors sparkle again!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are laminate floors made of?
Laminate flooring is a combination of different materials. With the number being less than five, each of these materials plays a distinctive role. These layers together make up the synthetic laminate flooring.
Why do laminate floors require regular cleaning?
Since laminate floors are made up of special multiple layers, these materials hence require a sufficient amount of cleaning on a regular basis to prolong their quality.
What cleaning process should I start with if I want to clean the laminate floor?
Before you start cleaning a laminate floor with them, make sure that you remove all debris and dust particles using a vacuum. This measure is to ensure that a neat and clean activity is observed afterward.
Should I apply a lot of water when mopping laminate floors?
Excessive water may not be the perfect choice for laminate flooring. Any excess amount used for cleaning these laminate forms is absorbed into the edges and moves on to the joining point of the plans. This eventually will be forming in damage to your laminate floors.
Can I make use of special chemicals for shining the surface?
Since laminate flooring is delicate, you cannot use every chemical on it, otherwise, it may lead to wear and tear. However, you need to use specific cleaning solutions that are designed for laminate flooring.
Can I use my mop for laminate floors to clean some other surfaces?
You can use the laminate floor mop to clean surfaces like stones or tiles. If you want to use it for multiple surfaces, then make sure that you opt for a pad that can cater to a variety of flooring without requiring a constant change.
Can string or sponge mop be used on laminate floors?
Since laminate floors are a combination of delicate materials it is suggested to prevent using any more types that would leave an excess of water behind. Using such materials like sponge or strain can cause damage to the laminate flooring, hence, it’s better to avoid them.
Is it necessary to sweep or vacuum the laminate floor before mopping?
If you use a mop to clean your laminate floor without vacuuming them, then it will make your water dirty by absorbing all the dust and dirt, within just a few seconds. If you want to keep your water clean while mopping, make sure that you vacuum or sweep your laminate floors before the mopping session.
Is it a must to clean the head after every cleaning session?
Cleaning the head of your mop after every mopping session is highly recommended. Not only would it eliminate the pungent smell from the mopping heads, but it will make cleaning a much easier task for your next session. You can use your hands to clean these moping heads.

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