CXhome Microfiber Mop for Tile Floors Detail Buyer Review

To prevent the build-up of these grimes and dirt, the CXhome Microfiber Mop for Tile Floors, Hardwood Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning, Wet Dry Mop With Sprayer And 2 Mop Pads, 1 Refillable Bottle is your ultimate solution. Not only will it clean your floors thoroughly, but also prevent you and your family from having symptoms like coughing from all the dust and dirt.

The CXhome Spray Mop is a fantastic spray mop to get rid of your dirty floors. If you are unfamiliar with its wonderful parks, then let us enlighten you.

This CXhrome mop has been specially built using spray nozzles to provide the absolute amount of cleaning solution for your floors. The manufacturers have made sure that it does not over moisturize your floors and cause any kind of saturation. 

It is a 360° rotating device that can be easily maneuvered given its lightweight. You no longer have to squeeze yourself into hard end corners or deal with backache problems when moving your spray mop from one room to another. In fact, it makes your cleaning a piece of cake when dealing with edges and corners.Read About Spin Mops here.

But it does not end there, well there is so much more starting from its refillable liquid spray bottle and the reusable cleaning pads. In other words, this is a simple solution to clean away your grime filled floors. 

The device has a sleek modern design with the color combination of silver, white and black; which can easily gel into your home decor without being an outcast. CXhome Microfiber Mop for Tile Floors

Secondly, it’s a slim design that allows you to store it even in your kitchen space rather than a storeroom. It follows a Velcro design pattern which is super convenient for your use.

This CXhrome spray Mop comes with a set of two pairs of microfiber cleaning pads. You can easily use them by sticking them to the base of the mop head. You do not have to worry about its secure positioning as the strong stick base will make sure to keep them in place.

The best part about the cleaning pads are machine washable and can be used again.

You simply need to just pull them out from the bottom of your mopping head and throw them into your machines. This also saves you an additional cost of constantly buying new cleaning pads which can be an added expenditure.

What’s more, is its brilliant refillable liquid water container with a spray. In fact, it is quite easy to put in the cleaner and take it out once you have filled it up. You simply have to just attach the cleaner to the mop’s body in a slot and start off with your cleaning.

The CXhrome Spray Mop comes with a set of accessories like a mop handle with a lower pole and a middle pole, a mopping base, a refillable liquid container, and two reusable microfibre cleaning pads.

This spray mop has quite a straightforward assembling process and does not require you to get any professional help. You’ll begin with the handle as you put it together by pressing on the white button which provides a connection.

The next step includes filling up the cleaning solution water and putting it into place. Next, you attach the mops floor part to its base and while you do so, you may hear a clicking sound.

Last but not the least you can use one of your microfibre cleaning pads and place them onto the base of the spray mop.

The CXhome Spray Mop Comes with a good build. Its handle is made up of a good metal rather than plastic, which can easily break off. However, if you have a close look, you may find that it’s joint and the trigger is also made up of plastic.

But you have nothing to worry about, as you can use them for longer time periods without getting yourself tired and the fear of it breaking down.

Next, we come to its microfibre cleaning pads, which can be used for longer periods of time and can work well with this mop. They are tightly held by Velcro strips on the base of the mob which prevents them from easily falling off.

On top of that, this material can easily be washed and reused without any complaints of shrinking. Just make sure that you do not put them in the dryer.

The CXhome Spray Mop is a perfect pick if you are looking for a more affordable option, and because it is easy to handle. You just have to press down the trigger and the machine starts to operate, while you map across your dirty floors.

In fact, this is a great choice if you have pets at home since it can efficiently pick up on all those hairs and debris is on the ground.

This spray mop will not disappoint you, in fact, it has an edge over the other mops since it can cater to a range of hard surfaces like marble, hardwood, tile, and laminate.

To top it off, this moping head also comes with a rotating head that can move around 360 degrees. In simpler words, it allows you to easily maneuver your spray mop under your furniture and around all obstacles. In fact, it also allows you to use it on different kinds of surfaces like the ceiling, the windows, and even your walls.

Additionally, a multifunctional scraper is also included in this mop which allows you to thoroughly remove all kinds of debris, dust, and even hair by those microfibre cleaning pads with simple swiping. 

The mop has a small size, which means that you can easily store it if you are living in a studio apartment or a condo. In fact, it won’t even take much space if you are placing it in your storage room in a big house.

The Cxhome Spray Mop comes at a quite affordable price that is around $20. It is considered as one of the most reliable mops which are not heavy on the pocket.

So if you are not willing to spend an added expense on mopping devices, although long to have a good cleaning performance then this is your go-to mop.


✔️ It has a 360-degree rotating head
✔️ It can clean pet hairs
It has reusable cleaning pads
It is small in size
It is lightweight


❌Refillable bottle is small in size

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