Best Mops for Dog Pee | Top 8 reviews & Buyer guide

Dogs are the sincerest pets, their owners’ best friend, and love their possessor more than themselves. Once you are a dog owner, then you face your pet peeing anywhere in the house without even respecting the time. If you are the one, you will require the best mop for dog pee because if you do not clean it continuously, it will produce a pungent stink.

If you use a substandard mop, it may leave behind ammonia or other bacteria that can prove harmful to your family members’ health because they can cause salmonella infections, intestinal infections, and ringworm infections.

That is why you should select the best mop for pet urine and ensure a healthy, harmless pet and your family’s safety. Having a lovely pet like a dog seems like a blessing, but not when you clean their mess that can be in the places you cannot reach.

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Cleaning dog’s urine can be made simple with an ideal mop for you that is efficient, durable, and clean the germs meticulously. We made efforts for you; this article will highlight selected mops for you with their features to make it relaxed for you to choose in the wide range of versatile mops for household dirt or pets.

1.Bissel PowerFresh – Lift-off Steam Pet Mop Floor Cleaner

Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop

Bissel sets a foundation that says save pets; it made efforts to protect your pet and clean their untidiness proficiently. With this mop, you can clean the mess above the surface by its two in one style and floors as well.

It guarantees tidiness, and you can use it in any place, floors, sinks, and tiles. Bissel has grout tool and bristles scrub brushes to clean the sink and floors’ grouts and crooks.

Sometimes pets pee on hard-to-reach surfaces, but you need not burden because this device has an extension hose that is usable on such surfaces. The fabric steamer and angle tool clean the surfaces and toys for the pets to live and enjoy their livelihood with you being tidy.

Its scent discs provide an exemption from the smell of urine. Its features are not only restricted to pet cleaning as it also has a window squeezing tool with which you can clean the debris or dirt on the windows at your home, or you can also use it if you are not a pet owner to clean surfaces and windows.

Its features do not only make it the best mop for pet urine but a brilliant tool for tidiness. Choose between high or low steams according to your need from its panel as it provides the versatility of the steam temperature to cover everything in one device.

This device comes with all the necessary accessories for cleaning any surface, either ceramic, granite, or marble. So, you do not need to worry about your texture or getting additional accessories for cleaning the dirt.

Product Key Features

  • Continuous steam
  • Grout tool
  • Fabric Steamer

✔️ Multipurpose use
✔️ Gives scent after cleaning
✔️ High-temperature steam
✔️ 13 versatile tools
✔️ Heats up quickly


Proved leaking for some users


2.Bissel Symphony – Mop and Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop

It is a vacuum cleaner, and mop at the same time means this a two-in-one device. No need to take a vacuum cleaner and mop side by side because now you can vacuum surfaces with Bissel’s mop; it will vacuum furs and debris of the pets and steam clean surface at the same time.

It has an exclusive drop-it tank emptying system that prevents your hands from being dirty while emptying it from the trash. You do not even want to wash some dirt so, Bissel got steam boosted disposable pads that you can dispose of once used.

Every day cleaning, it has washable microfiber pads that you can easily wash once you clean the exterior from any dirt. Like a vacuum, it uses environment-friendly cyclonic technology with no loss of suction and powerfully vacuums the hair or dirt off your pet.

The dry-tank technology keeps the moisture away and the trash dry in the tank, increasing its capacity and compressor’s durability. Bissel uses demineralized water that, upon steam, gives a fresh scent.

Odor eliminating scent disks removes the smell while cleaning the surface with steaming to don’t feel about cleaning untidy. On-demand steam with its natural sanitizing power washes off germs and bacteria entirely from the floor. Move your Bissel mop upon all the hard surfaces, hardwood, ceramic, granite, linoleum, or marble.

This device is lightweight to carry it anywhere you want. If you can bring heavy mops, this is the best mop for dog urine because dogs do not have specific washrooms, they do it where they urge to.

Product Key Features

  • Vacuum cleaner and mop
  • Dry-tank technology
  • Cyclonic Vacuum

✔️ Vacuum cleaning with steam cleaning
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Quick-release
✔️ Disposable pads
✔️ Hands-free emptying


Could not be used on trivial surfaces


3.Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 – Convenient Detachable

Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 with Convenient Detachable Handheld Unit,

Steam Mop Cleaner is a mop that cleans everything, either mess on surface or fabric. Cleaning things in the house becomes more comfortable and more rapid with this mop.

The real flexible mop is here because you can use it on the floor, windows, fabrics, or carpet, and it is incredibly fantastic with all of these surfaces. It has a built-in hand-held steam cleaner and a hose to that anyone can control with their palm.

Its heating time is 30 seconds quick to heat up and produce the steam without any harsh chemical that can be fatal for pets’ health. The fast-ready preparation cleans the dirt from your facades rapidly.

This device is safe for children and pets because it sanitizes the germs entirely as it does not use or release any chemical in its practice. It is navigable and has three adjustable modes to fix the steam.

Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 is the best mop for dog pee and multifunctional so, you can sanitize your household exteriors impeccably. With this device, you can use the tap water of your house, and there is no requirement of any expensive detergent because it only uses tap water.

Strict quality standards considered making this device and the company gives a money-back guarantee or free replacement policy to satisfy its customers from the core of their heart.

It uses premium quality fabric components in its microfiber pads, washes and replaceable, that are very gentle and soft for any surface to clean—such a fantastic tool to clean your equipment.

Product Key Features

  • Multiple Accessories
  • Microfiber replaceable pads
  • Child and pet safe

✔️ Multitasking
✔️ Ready in 30 sec
✔️ Safe to use with children and pets
✔️Light and Maneuverable
✔️ High-quality fabric


Mophead design does not touch the ground.


4.O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop 

O-Cedar Easywring Microfiber Spin Mop

O-Cedar brought you a simple and easy wring mop with its deep-cleaning microfiber to remove 99% of bacteria even with water. If your dog pees in the corner of the house then you can use this device to clean with its triangular design and exclusive built-in wringer that gives a hands-free spin and activates with a pedal.

The pedal is made with high quality to control moisture around and spin the wringer when needed so, and you don’t have to bend down once wringing the mop. It has a splash guard which restrain the water inside the bucket after carrying out the process of spinning.

Mop head seems to be tricky in mops, but this mop has a flexible mop head that can rotate up to 360o so, you can clean the dog’s or any pet’s pee under the furniture and corners.

The super-absorbent microfiber withdraws all any tough dirt or untidiness of pee with one process of cleansing. You can control the amount of water delivered to the floor with its spin bucket to experience the cleaning process of your needs.

This fibre can be used either wet in deep cleaning of the outsides or dry when dusting other surfaces. You can put The pads washing machine to clean them without any hurdle.

The handle is expandable because it is a telescopic handle that can be adjusted with your height so that you do not bend while cleaning your house, the expansion can be up to 51 inches to easily use O-cedar.

Product Key Features

  • Built-in wringer
  • Splash Guard
  • Flexible mop head

✔️ Easy to spin
✔️ Fit under furniture
✔️ Expandable handle
✔️ Can be used wet or dry
✔️ Keep water inside the bucket while spinning.


The bucket has lousy balance.

5.Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop

Hoover Complete Pet Steam Mop

You have one problem, but hoover has the solution for many giving a complete set up of cleaning because we know that dog pee is not the only problem to face, but you have to clean other messes as well.

Hoover provides ten multipurpose tools because along with care and cleanliness of pets’ other cleanliness is also a matter of concern for you. Countertops, grouts or sinks, appliances, carpets, mirror or glasses and pet messes, this device work incredibly well with all.

The removable hand-held steamer works well to clean the corner and under bed area or hard-to-clean areas like appliances that have a little exposition space. You can use it for many tiding purposes.

Still, the primary goal is to clean the mess of pets, and it has done an exceptional job in its tasks, delivering clean floors and deodorizing lots for a fresh fragrance throughout the house.

You are always in control using this device. You can set and adjust the amount of steam for a small or large amount of filth. If you have built your house with different material, ceramic, hardwood or carpet, you can use it on any outward.

The portable device can be carried anywhere with its compactness and simplicity to use. The scrubbing pads are easy to wash and replaced, reused for the number of times lacking any risk of germs because it takes good care of germs and kills them all over the external.

It uses two tanks for water storage, making it the best mop for dog pee with all its structures and services.

Product Key Features

  • Ten multipurpose tools
  • Removable hand-held steamer
  • Compact and lightweight

✔️ Cleans everything
✔️ Scrubs harsh to reach areas
✔️ Easy to carry
✔️ Washable pads
✔️ High capacity for water storage


No cons proved to be satisfying


6.Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Shark Steam Pocket Mop

Challenging floor hurdles are not a problem to deal with the Shark Steam pocket mop specially made for hard surfaces. A soft and gentle pad has the purpose of cleaning on both of its sides so that it lasts longer than other places which are usable front side only.

High-quality steam cleaning at your fingertips because it guarantees to rip all the germs and bacteria and nip the infections from the bud. When the dirt sticks on a hard floor it is difficult to remove, but with the super-heated steam of this, it is possible to scrub it like it was never there earlier.

The smoke is ready in a blink of time so, if you are busy and, in haste, to go anywhere, your office or any emergency, use it because it doesn’t take much of your time washing things.

The risk of disease vanishes then, and you are satisfied when you go anywhere. Shark gives two pad that can be used with both of their sides and easily washable to reuse once you are done with cleaning, saving your bucks for getting pads that are disposable with the same safety standards.

The sealed floor is not a big deal for this product as it uses high-temperature vapours to wash them, so the best mop for dog urine is none other than this, also all-purpose rectangular mop with swivel cord wrap and 3.15 fluid ounces capacity to store fluids for spring-cleaning.

Get your product and experience fast scrubbing with influential steam.

Product Key Features

  • Washable microfiber pads
  • Swivel cord wrap
  • 2-sided cleaning

✔️ Long-lasting
✔️ Both side use of pads
✔️ Hard surface easy cleaning
✔️ Powerful steam
✔️ Sanitization without chemicals


Difficult with cleaning hard to reach areas


7.Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System

Shark is the master of hard floors and cleans them with efficiency or killing bacteria and other harmful microbes on the surface of the ceramic. Pad specially designed to grip the dirt wet or dry quickly leaving behind a fresh and tidy tile.

It can store 220-millilitre tap water to clean the hard floor for a long time deprived of changing the water continuously, sit back and pick the mop when required to use well.

This device does not only have genius in its name, but it has a genius head to channel the steam while you are working on it directly. If you ever encounter some mess stuck with the floor strictly, then you can now target it with your shark because it has a steam blaster to target such muck and clutter.

Targeted clean steam burst on the dirt and make it weak to be cleaned easily with the pad. The touch-free button when pushed gives ease while attaching the place to mop head, get your Shark genius and get rid of manually connecting fibre pads it will attack it with a button; then you can clean whatever.

After using it you press the button to release the mop, hands-free technology keeps your hands away from any bacteria or dirty muck. The intelligent steam control gives the ideal amount of steam with the perfect temperature for a spotless house having fragrance all around.

This product has amazingly pleased its users with dogs and is the top mop of all time.

Product Key Features

  • Steam blaster
  • Hands-free technology
  • Direct steam channeling

✔️ Dirt grip pads
✔️ Intelligent steam control
✔️ Protect hands with hands-free technology
✔️ The burst of targeted steam for a chewy mess
✔️ Easy to use


Hard with grouts

8.Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro

BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size

Carpet cleaning made easy, engineered to be the finest and influential carpet cleaner for household or offices, Bissel came with its redesigned pro heat 2x. The down embedded stains in the carpet cleaned by its max clean mode using 12 rows of dual dirt scrubbers power brushes.

The rug takes 30 minutes to dry after scrubbed with powerful steam brushes and express cleaning mode. Pre-treater targets only the stains before the bushes start to rip the dirt and make the carpet spotless, pre-treated is the way to deal with tough stains and make them removable with average steam. It includes tough stain accessories for wet and dry carpets, pet hairs or pee.

Bissel heat pro also contains an antibacterial formula to putting to death microbes around the stains and give scent with its odor formula. Once you finish with the dusting stains or pet pee with your cleanser then comes the times to sparkle the cleaner, exemption from one mess but landing in another one.

Cleaning mops is daunting for numerous once you face problems while cleaning your mop or other devices. Bissel has again reduced your concerns because it has a removable brush cover too, clean well and then wash the cleaner easily.

The low profile and foot and lightweight Bissel are relaxing to move around and maneuver. With each of the purchase, the company donates to the Bissel Pet Saving Foundation, working on a mission to save homeless pets, getting this cleaner not only serve your requests but also feed and shelter homeless pets.

Product Key Features

  • Max clean mode
  • Concentrated pre-treater
  • Tough stain tool

✔️ Professional grade cleaning
✔️ Express clean mode
✔️ Toughest stains cleaned with pre-treater
✔️ Antibacterial cleaning
✔️ Removable brush roll cover


Vacuum cleaner problem with some users

Buyers’ Guide

Mops are essential products when you are a dog owner or any pet owner. They clean the house’s surface from any pet’s urine and shield you from any diseases explicitly caused by pet urine.

Research shows that when you spend time with your dog, you feel better, but if it is urine, then you can get infected. You have to take care of these things to get the best mop for pet urine to counter these infections from the origin. Our buyers’ guide is here to guide you about the mops and what to look forward to while picking one.


The foremost thing to consider for a mop is its effectiveness in cleaning the mess and germs effectively. The intensity of steam provided by the mop, having a minimum temperature of 200oF, to germs, kills them to save from infections like intestinal infections. Selecting the one with high steam intensity will be the best mop for dog pee or any pet urine.


Dogs can pee anywhere in the house, in places that are tricky to clean if your mop is larger to fit that place. The mop should be portable to carry it in any area of the house as pets can pee at any pl home you cannot think of, so you have to look before them and take a moveable mop.

You cannot carry the mop while picking it up every time, so the one with wheels is easily moveable across the house. The size also matters as there are places where you cannot practice the mop if it is more prominent in size. Think about your needs and prefer the best suits your demands.


Usage of mops is frequent in the house with children and pets, resulting in the breakage or malfunctioning of the mop. Cheap plastic used in the mop can breakdown quickly and affordable metal corrodes easily, so choose the one with better material, or you will keep changing your mop after using it for a short period.

It must be with all the necessary accessories required for using it to save your time and money.


Your budget may stop you from picking the best one and compromise on the quality, but this time, it matters your health and safety. You can get the most effective even in your budget but do not choose the one that is not worth it.



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