10 Best Spray Mop with Sprayer tried and tested

Being a housewife or simply a working woman, you must be in dire need of a process to make your cleaning much easier. Well, Best Spray Mops are here to save the day!

These mops that come with a set of additional accessories will make you say goodbye to those traditional mop and bucket sets.

Best spray mop

What are Best Spray Mops?

With the advancement of modern technology, electrical mops are becoming more common given their convenience of use. Unlike those conventional mops, these electrically-powered mops are more efficient and deliver a high performance relieving you from the hassle of carrying a bucket around.

Yes, it’s a transformation from your low end cleaning into a high-end and more energetic one with outstanding results. With these mops, you can do it all: the dirty old high ceilings, the dust embedded tiles under your precious furniture and even those tough corners.

These advanced mops will clean sweep those tough stains and spots while making cleaning a completely hassle-free task for you. 

Sounds unbelievable? How about you check them for yourself and make a judgment? 

10 Best Spray Mops for floor cleaning.

1Bissell PowerAll Floor Cleaner9.5
2Rubbermaid Spray MopMulti-Surface Microfiber Pads9.5
3Bissell SpinwaveRefillable Bottles9.4
4Bona Spray MopExtra large mop head9.6
5CXhome MicrofiberWet Dry Mop With Sprayer9.4
6Swiffer WetJetPower floor spray mop9.8
7Amazon Spray MopReusable, washable mop head9.7
8Bona StonePremium Spray Mop9.4
9O-Cedar ProMistDeep-cleaner9.8
10Rubber Spray Mop Lightweight9.3

1. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

You must be wondering if this Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is worth its hype? To begin with, the Bissell is one of the best spray mops for floors alongside its versatile quality. This powerful spray mop offers efficient cleaning at quite a reasonable price – yes it’s true.

It has remarkable features like a fast heat-up period while it offers a removable tank that can clear all kinds of stuck-on dirt. 

The good news: this Bissell PowerFresh Steam mop comes with three adjustable modes for steam cleaning which makes cleaning a more convenient task for you. It can cover a variety of floors like ceramic, hardwood and marble. It comes with a sleek modern design which weighs only about 6 pounds.

This steam mop includes a scrubber flipping downwards which allows it to pick up all sorts of stuck-up messes as you mop. However, the steam mop is not efficient for cleaning extensive liquid dirt.

Additionally, it consists of reusable microfibre pads that won’t undergo wear and tear. Given its 23 foot long cord, you can have easy access to different areas or rooms without switching outlets.

To add more, you have the ease to put in your own chemical liquids for washing. Without a doubt, this is the best spray mop for vinyl floors.

Our Editor’s Review about Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop:  Mike used this Mop for more than 15 days and says It’s a great choice for anyone looking for an effective and affordable way to clean their floors.

The PowerFresh Steam Mop features a number of great features, including a scrub brush attachment for tackling tough stains, a built-in water filter to remove impurities from the water, and a swivel head that makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles.

What We Like

✔️ It has a water tank with a higher capacity

✔️ The Bissell PowerFresh can be filled easily

✔️ The PowerFresh Steam Mop is designed to be lightweight

✔️ The Bissell Steam mop offers 3 types of modes for steam cleaning

✔️  It has an extension cord of a greater length

What We Don't Like

❌ The Bissell mop contains a body of white plastic which can cause wear

❌ It does not contain any extra features

❌ The PowerFresh mop will leave behind a greater amount of residue on your floors since it does not include an after use rest tray

Best for Vinyl floors


2. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is the ideal choice if you are searching for a day to day mopping stick. It serves as the best floor spray mop if you want convenience for hard places for stuck-up messes. But the real question is if it actually meets your standards? 

With a height of 50 inches and weighing 2.35 pounds, the Rubbermaid Reveal Spray comes with scrubbing heads which are rougher to fight tough spots. It has detachable water tanks with a refillable bottle that is easy to use. It is one of the best-rated spray mops for hardwood floors as well as laminate, tile or vinyl without changing mopping pads.

It also includes microfibre pads which will not show wear and tear signs after they are used or washed for more than 100 times. Moreover, the replacement of microfibre pads has no effect on the bank.

On its downside, instead of mopping, this Rubbermaid mop tends to push away a few debris

And is unable to reach windows or higher ceilings making it less resourceful as others

 Overall, it is a great fix if your house is full of children while it is also the best spray mop for pets. If you are concerned about its price, well don’t worry, since you will get a good value for its price meaning, it is a budget-friendly mop.

Our Editor’s Review about Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop:  John used this Mop for more than 20 days and says,
I have used this mop for 20 days now and I absolutely love it!

I have never had a mop that was this easy to use or that did such a great job at cleaning my floors. The microfiber pad picks up all kinds of dirt and debris, and the built-in sprayer ensures that your floors are evenly cleaned. I highly recommend the Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop.

What We Like

✔️ The Rubbermaid Reveal is designed to have a sturdy outlook

✔️ It is the best spray mop for all floors since it has microfiber pads that are washable and can be reused, it becomes quite easy to clean floors

✔️ This Reveal offers a cleaning service of above-average rating

✔️ The Rubbermaid spray includes a refillable bottle which can be used to pour in your own cleaning solution

✔️ Given its highly efficient microfibres, it can collect more dust and dirt in comparison to other mops

What We Don't Like

❌ The Reveal mop can not cater spaces under the furniture

❌ This spray mop does not include a built-in wringer

❌ This mop has a limited workspace reach


3. Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood

The electrically powered Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood weighs 11 pounds and serves as the best spray mop for hardwood floors, and is great for vinyl, laminate, and tile floors. With an auto-stop feature and a 2-year warranty, this mop comes with a spray trigger and has a 20 feet long cord.

The Bissell Spinwave consists of 2 bottles for cleaning and can be purchased at a reasonable price. The Spinwave Powered Hardwood has a healthy battery life allowing the mopping device to be easily used given its 180 turns. To be precise, it the best refillable spray mop for hardwood floors of all especially because Its cleaning will allow you to save the formula and also has a sound alerting spray.

It consists of powerful performance with cordless spinning and its microfibre pads stop to spin when the device is held in an upright position. This means, It can cover a wide range of areas with its self-propelling action.

To add to the list, it has machine washable pads and a cleaning tank capacity of 28 oz.Read more about Best spin Mop

Our Editor’s Review about Bissell Spinwave Powered Hardwood:  Denny used this Mop for more than 50 days and says,“I have never found any other Mop easy and convenient to use like this one.

I can clean my house in half the time with half the effort. It is very lightweight and maneuverable. The best part is that it comes with a refillable bottle for my favorite cleaning solution so I don’t have to keep buying new bottles.

What We Like

✔️ The Bissell Spinwave is easy to use mop stick

✔️ It only weighs 11 pounds which makes it quite easy to handle and move around

✔️ Allows powerful cleaning with not much noise

✔️ The Spinwave Powered Hardwood contains a refillable tank which is quite easy to use

✔️ Its microfibre pads can be cleaned easily

What We Don't Like

❌ The Bissell Spinwave takes about 4 hours to charge

❌ It consists of pads that can not easily be accommodated on the holder’s plastic base

❌ Since it offers a slow-paced spinning it is hard to pick up on hard dust and dirt

Best for wood floors


4. Bona Spray Mop

Bona Spray Mop

Bona Spray Mop is your ultimate choice for the best spray mop for wood floors since it offers a well-controlled feature for cleaning. Its spray mop consists of microfibre pads attached to it, that can not only be washed easily by machine but also can be disposed of – without any damage. 

And you would be right in guessing its cost-effectiveness since it saves a huge amount of money for you given the pads do not require a constant change.

Bona Spray Mop comes with a spinning head to clean tight spaces along with a cartridge that can be refilled. Its durable design works great for wooden flooring, especially given its rubber-based corners that won’t cause any property damage. This means high performance for hardwood floors is achieved.

Its manufacturer has been in the market for over 100 years and offers microfibre pads that can be washed and reused. To top it off, it consists of a spray trigger for effective cleaning. Although, it cannot reach small areas given its large mopping head

Get this: the Bona Spray Mop offers effortless and efficient cleaning. Sounds too good to be true? Well, wait till you hear about a cleaning tank that can be recharged while allowing you to use a cleaning solution of your own choice – all that with no factors of damage.

Not that tech-savvy? Don’t worry, this easy to use device, with materials of high quality can be maneuvered by all ages. You will not believe that it is actually a great value for its cost.

Our Editor’s Review about Bona Spray Mop: Jenny used this Mop for more than 30 days and says, “This is the best hardwood floor mop I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t leave streaks.

What We Like

✔️ The Bona Spray Mop allows easy cleaning in a short time span

✔️ It leaves no remnants behind 

✔️ Bona Spray Mop can clean swipe huge areas with its 15 inch large mopping head

✔️ Best spray mop for wood and tile floors

✔️ It is not operated by batteries

What We Don't Like

❌ They are subjected to scratches in a short time

❌ The Bona Spray Mop requires a high level of maintenance

Best for hardwood floors


5. CXhome Microfiber

CXhome Microfiber

The CXhome Spray Mop is your ideal choice for your floors, especially hardwood kinds. 

What you need to know is, that it comes with quite a tall handle of about 47 inches of height. 

The best part? It is rated as the top cleaning mop for hardwood floors. To add more, it includes two cleaning modes, dry and wet, both of which can sweep clean your floors without causing any damage. 

The set also includes microfibre pads that are not easily washed in a machine but will last longer than your expectations whilst providing a great cleaning experience. To make things quick, the CXhome Microfiber has 360 degrees rotating head which can lean large space in a short time span and has a total number of microfiber pads for mopping.
The CXhome Microfiber comes with a 500ml bottle that can be refilled while you use it for wet mopping. It is quite lightweight, making it easy to maneuver 

Still not convinced?

The CXhome Spray Mop also saves you from the hustle of carrying around a water bucket since it has a huge capacity as you clean your floors effortlessly. The CXhome Microfiber makes cleaning more exciting with cleaning pads that can be interchanged while you even have the facility to refill the bottle as you spray the solution all over. 

Slam! You have a clean floor without extra effort.

Last but not the least, the CXhome Microfiber can be stored and moved around easily since it only weighs 1.5 pounds. 

Our Editor’s Review about CXhome Spray Mop: Jenny used this Mop for more than 30 days and says, I really love this Mop. I have been using it for more than 2 weeks now, and it is very easy to use. The pads are easy to change and the mop head is easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this Mop to anyone looking for an easy-to-use spray mop.

Jenny loves how easy the CXhome Spray Mop is to use, both in terms of changing the pads and cleaning the mop head. She also appreciates how this product doesn’t leave streaks or smears on her floors.

Overall, Jenny would highly recommend the CXhome Spray Mop to anyone in the market for an easy-to-use and effective floor

What We Like

✔️ The CXhome Microfiber is a long-lasting product and is quite durable for its use

✔️ It can easily remove dust and dirt from hardwood floors

✔️ Being a portable device it is easy to carry around

✔️ The CXhome Microfiber is designed to be used and operated easily 

✔️ It also includes a scraper with multiple functions making it quite a useful device

What We Don't Like

❌ Although easy, the CXhome Microfiber requires a certain amount assembling

❌ Since it does not extend well, the CXhome Microfiber is not an ideal choice for tall people


6. Swiffer WetJet

Swiffer WetJet

The Swiffer Wet Jet is a complete cleaning solution and is amongst the spray mops for laminate floors. You must be wondering what makes it so special?

For starters, the Swiffer Wet Jet is operated via 4 AA batteries as it uses its sprays. These batteries are stored with the mop compartment. It also includes a total of 5 pads for a refill: While two are standardized pads and the remaining there are additional power pads. Beyond that, the Swiffer Wet Jet also has a cartridge that can be filled using the 500ml cleaning solution that comes with it – how amazing is that? 

You must be wondering what’s more? 

Well, to make it more interesting, the Swiffer WetJet comes with an easy to use instruction manual allowing you to set it up instantly and press on that power button to start your moping right away. Moreover, it can dissolve soil that is sticky in minimal movements 

And the best part of all? 

The unique Swiffer Wet Jet can be used on a variety of floors like laminate, ceramic, wood and vinyl and is the best spray mop for really dirty floors. Although, it is known to be quite expensive.

What We Like

Our Editor’s Review about Swiffer Wet Jet: John bought this mop and tested this mop for more than 15 days and says,This is one of the best floor cleaning machines I’ve ever used. It’s super easy to use and really gets the job done.

✔️ It can reach small areas with ease since it has a small mopping head of about 9 inches only

✔️ It is lightweight, measuring only about 1.5 pounds

✔️ It can dissolve soil that is sticky in minimal movements 

✔️ You can clean dark corners with ease given its spray nozzles that come with lights

✔️ The Swiffer Wet Jet has mopping pads that can be disposed as per your ease

✔️ It can cater to a range of floor types like laminate, vinyl, ceramic and tile

What We Don't Like

❌ The Swiffer Wet Jet has a narrow space for spraying

❌ Wet Jet operates on batteries

❌ It  requires constant replacement for its batteries and pads

Best wet spray mop for laminate floors


7. Amazon Basics Spray Mop

AmazonBasics Spray Mop

The Amazon Basics Spray Mop is not like your average mopping cleaning set. 

Why do I say this?

With the purchase of this beautiful and modern built, you have the option to get your hands on the microfibre version or even mop pad used as a disposable piece of cloth – all that at a quite cheap price. But if you ask me, a microfibre pad should be your ultimate pick, especially because not only is it machine washable but can be reused multiple times as it absorbs a greater amount of dirt than any other. 

The AmazonBasics Spray Mop allows you to control its movement given its 360 degrees rotating mop head, which allows you to reach ceilings or clean sweep places under your furniture. To add more, you can use a cleaning solution of your own choice to refill the bottle. To top it off, you can also adjust the amount of solution you want to be sprayed – this means you are free from the hassle of dealing with a water bucket as you clean.

AmazonBasics Spray Mop is quite versatile when it comes to different kinds of floors: you can easily clean floors like hardwood, tile, and linoleum without any trouble. Its strong power removes the hardest of stains and spots as you move around heavy furniture. 

Our Editor’s Review about Amazon Basics Spray Mop: Olivia bought this mop and tested this mop for more than 15 days and says, I have been using this mop for 2 weeks now and I’m very happy with it.

It’s very easy to use and does a great job at cleaning my floors. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Olivia also notes that the mop is very lightweight, which makes it easy to maneuver, and that the microfiber pads are easy to change and wash.

Overall, Olivia is very happy with the Amazon Basics Spray Mop and would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use, effective mop.

What We Like

✔️ The AmazonBasics Spray Mop has quite a responsive spray which tends to release the cleaning liquid as per your ease

✔️ Its has a strong microfibre pad that picks up all the dust and dirt naturally

✔️ The AmazonBasics Spray Mop comes with a built-in bottle to be filled with a 350ml solution

✔️ Its simplistic design causes no fuss 

✔️ It can be maneuvered easily given its lightweight

✔️ It is compact and can be stored anywhere with ease

What We don't Like

❌ Its cleaning solution is known to be separately sold 


8. Bona Stone Tile & LaminateBona Stone Tile & Laminate

If you own a big house or a large office space then the Bona Stone Tile and Laminate would work wonders for you. It has a modern design with huge mop heads that spin well to clean your floors. This means that your cleaning task can be completed within a quick time span – saving you a few good hours to relax.

Picture this: not only does it cater laminate and tile flooring but shows a great performance for vinyl, terrazzo, tile, marble, linoleum and stone floors. This Bona Stone Mop may be ideal for your place if you have multiple floorings since it is not restricted to just laminate flooring. In fact, upon purchasing this set, you also receive a floor cleaning solution of 1 liter. This clearly means you are ready to start cleaning immediately once you open up this beauty. 

The package also includes cleaning pads that are machine washable without undergoing any wear and tear. It also has a refillable cartridge to make your cleaning experience a more memorable one. The modern Bona Stone Tile and laminate mop is designed to be lightweight with an easy to use technique that follows. It’s not a big deal if you are not that tech-savvy, this mop has got you covered.

To make it more durable the sleek design also includes rubbered corners to add to its flexibility while it is easier to catch a grip on. 

Our Editor’s Review about Bona Stone Mop: Emma bought this mop and tested this mop for more than 15 days and says, I have never thought that mopping the floor could be so easy. I highly recommend this mop to anyone who is looking for an easy and effective way to clean their floors.

What We Like

✔️ The Bona Stone Mop has a pad which is quite easy to clean 

✔️ It also includes a cartridge that can be easily refilled

✔️ The cleaning pads of Bona Stone Mop can be washed in a machine without causing any wear and tear

✔️ It has a storage hook which can be easily retracted

✔️ It comes with a warranty and is durable 

✔️ The Bona Stone has a flexible secondary grip

✔️ The Bona Stone Mop is lightweight

What We Don't Like

❌ The Bona Stone Mop does not have any extra cleaning pads in the set

Best spray mop for tile floors


9. O-Cedar ProMist  Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist  Spray Mop

The O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop is an easy to use and inexpensive mop which comes with microfiber pads. This ultra-lightweight mop can be easily washed without being damaged for more than 100 times. Since this mop only weighs about 2 lbs, it can be easily maneuvered around the house. O-Cedar is a highly efficient mop when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors which means, indoor cleaning becomes way more effortless than before. 

This useful and safe device also consists of a one-touch option for the removal of its bottle with the addition of a refillable bottle included. This means that you can opt for a cleaning solution of your own personal choice – saving you ample time on hand. ProMist’s microfiber pads are not only washable but disposable too – providing you a more convenient cleaning experience.

The trigger spraying ProMist requires no virtual setup and is completely assembled on opening its box. The ProMist can cover all corners of your house with its 360 degrees turning feature.

Taller than most mops, ProMist is 53.4 inches tall built with a unique and simplistic design. O-Cedar’s customized variety of options along with its easy-to-use feature makes it a One-Stop solution for your cleaning purpose. 

Our Editor’s Review about O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop: Amelia bought this mop and tested this mop for more than 45 days and says, “I have used this mop for cleaning my house and I am really impressed with the performance of this mop. Amelia further writes, “The best thing about this mop is that it comes with a microfiber cloth which is machine washable.

What We Like

✔️ Using O-Cedar you can deep lean all your floors with ease

✔️ Its one-touch feature will release and remove the bottle without a hassle.

✔️ You can pick your own cleaning solution because of its refillable feature

✔️ Its microfiber pads can be either washed or disposed 

✔️ You can wash its machine-friendly Micro-pads for over 100 times

What We Don't Like

❌ You might incur some trouble with the functioning of the spray 

❌ Whilst cleaning, you might face dripping of the solution 

❌ The spray mop comes with only a single cleaning pad


10. Rubbermaid  Spray Mop

Rubbermaid  Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop may over cost you compared to a regular and standardized mop. However, this easy to use mop with a variety of cleaning styles will last you longer than you expect. In comparison to traditional mops, Rubbermaid Spray Mops is built with Microfiber cleaning pads that can sweep off more than 50% of dust and dirt in just a single swipe.
Its well-regulated Microfiber pads are machine washable and can be reused for more than 100 times without affecting its performance efficiency. 

This lightweight, yet durable mopping device can accommodate a variety of floor types like tiles, vinyl, lamination, and hardwood. To save you a huge cost on solutions, Rubbermaid brings you the facility of a 22 oz. bottle that can be refilled and used to mix your preferred solution. With just two simple steps – add two teaspoons of your solution and fill the bottle with hot water-  you can now add in your own solution and start cleaning right away. 

Now, you can adjust the amount of solution you require to clean your floors with Rubbermaid’s non-battery operated spray trigger. To mark a lasting impression for your cleaning experience, Rubbermaid includes a non-scratch scrubber to get rid of those stubborn spots with ease.

What We Like

✔️ Ease of adding your own solution with a refillable bottle

✔️ Microfiber pads are washable and reusable

✔️ Microfibre pads can be washed for more than 100 times

✔️ Floor cleaning is simple and easy without any damage

✔️ Microfiber pads can be replaced without any wear and tear

✔️ Its Microfibers can pick up dust and dirt more efficiently than any regular mop

✔️No changing of mop heads is required for cleaning different floor types

What We Don't Like

❌ Cannot reach high ceilings

❌ Rubbermaid cannot be used for the cleaning of windows

❌ Does not have a built-in wringer

A Detailed Buyer’s Guide For The Best Mop

Electrical mops are basically powered by electricity to provide an efficient cleaning process. Such electric maps function by spinning around as they eliminate and pick up all sorts of dust and dirt on the floor – even the most stubborn stains of all. 

What factors do you need to consider before purchasing the best electric mop?

Since you are investing in the cleanliness of your house it is essential for you to be well aware to find the most compliant electric appliance that will make the task easier for you. If you soon plan on buying an electric mop to make cleaning easier for you, you should then lookout for the following factors before purchasing one:


Check the compatibility of your floor

For starters, you need to check for the compatibility of your floor and the appliance that you are about to purchase. The market is full of a variety of designs for these cleaning electric mops hence you need to take into consideration the kind of map that would be ideal for the type of floor that your household or workplace has.
Different kinds of floors such as vinyl, hardwood, tiles, laminate so on and so forth are available; each mop is designed to cater to a different floor or maybe even all in one. 

You need to understand that a different cleaning process is required for each type of floor. For instance, a small amount of water is required to clean laminate floors, while deploying requires hard cleaning especially to get the dirt out of the spaces in between them. Before you go shopping for an electric man ensure that you have spoken to the manufacturer and to find out about the kind of cleaning method that would be ideal for the type of flooring you have. 

The more information you have about the maps, its features in the types of floors the better choice you would be able to make during your shopping spree.

You need to ensure that you choose a mop that will not end up damaging your floor and can comfortably clean stuff areas and remove stains from multiple floor types.

Make sure to look out for sanitization

Next comes disinfection! Yes, you may be surprised but disinfection and sanitization Are two main factors that need to be considered in order to get rid of those microorganisms. Each mop is built with distinctive features and not all will contain features that will include a strong disinfecting power. If you live in a house full of kids who love to make a mess or are overwhelmed by the dirt your pet creates, then sanitization is something you need to take seriously.

Best Spray mop

Check the mopping head size

Each electric mop is designed to have a particular head size, that is some are small while some are large. And since there is a wide variety for the heads sizes of the cleaning mop you need to consider the type of place you wish to clean with it. 

If you are looking to clean places under furniture or clean places like bathrooms or reach tough and strict corners, then a small head size month would be ideal for you however if you want to clean a large house then a large mop head would be more ideal for your situation.

What cleaning accessories does it include?

You must be wondering how many accessories can your cleaning mop possibly have?

Well,  to answer that you would be delighted to find out that your cleaning mop set would include accessories like scrubbing, batteries, cleaning solutions, extra microfibre pad,  cleaning mop heads, etc. Hand make sure that you opt for our cleaning more that is full of additional accessories rather than limiting yourself.

Ensure a set budget for the mop you want to buy

As a matter of fact,  you would be surprised to know that mops can be quite pricey. However,  it all depends upon your budget: if you have a low-budget you can always hunt for a cheap mop. Although, if your pocket allows you, then there is no harm in investing in an expensive one.

What you can do is, search for a few products that lie within the range of your budget. This will help you save time when you visit the market to the electric mop that you can afford.

Give those reviews a thorough and good read

Here is another clue: with increased modern technology, you can now use the Internet to browse over a few reviews for the product that you are about to purchase or are interested in. In many cases, it is seen that these appliances may seem quite attractive given their features, although are often unable to deliver the same amount of performance that they promise.

To have a wider picture of the product, these honest reviews will help you in making a wise decision. In fact, it may even give you a deeper insight into the features and the techniques that the mop uses for cleaning.

Take into consideration all those ergonomics

Additionally, you need to choose a map that will be compliant with your own physical limitations or capabilities.

Yes, you must be trying to figure out why I would say that? Well, if you have physical limitations such as crucial pain while bending over then you should definitely opt for an electric man that comes with a built-in wringer that you release the water trigger would ease. Additionally, you need to focus on the length of the map so that it makes cleaning an easier and convenient process for you.

You also need to consider your age and the mode of ease for your electrical mob. This is essential because if you are an individual middle-aged person, then it might be a problem for you to handle a heavyweight mop. If you are strong and healthy enough you can handle one with a larger mop, although a lightweight mop will make manoeuvring easy for you.

The size of the cord matters greatly

Ever felt restricted while cleaning?  Do you feel that you cannot reach the adjacent room without changing connections for your electrical mop? Well, of course, you’re facing such a problem! Well, to avoid such a dilemma it is essential for you to choose a mop with greater length so that you do not have to go through the hassle of constantly changing your socket connections from one room to another.

Opting for a chord with a longer length ranging from 25 to maximum of 70 feet is ideal for your comfort and convenience.


Does the product offer a long-lasting warranty?

Since you are producing an electric month it is essential for you to keep a check on the warranty document that it has to offer. It’s a warranty account for durability and serves as a security for the damage of your product – especially if it wears out within a short use of time span.

To hunt down the best of an electric mob make sure you look for an appliance that comes with a warranty of two years or even more.

The Final Verdict

The best available mops for your floor types are enlisted above. Since investing in a cleaning mop is a great deal given its vast cleaning purpose, make sure you figure out all the features that are suitable for your needs. After all, you want to make your cleaning life a bit easier than before, don’t you?

Now that you are well aware of all the best mops for cleaning for you, don’t just sit here. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want a comforting cleaning session? 


Then, it is time for you to calculate your budget and off you go to make that purchase. 

Why trust us ?

All the Reviewed Mops are Full Tested by the TopsprayMop team under different circumstances, to give you the best possible experience while using them. We hope that our reviews will point you in the right direction and help you choose the best possible mop for your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to fix the smell of my mop’s head?
If you are facing a serious pungent smell coming from your mouth then this means that you need to clean it as soon as possible. It is quite possible that you have been using your mum for a while which may have caused the build-up of particles, dust, bacteria, and dirt, which may be the reason for it’s repelling smell. You have two options: firstly to either replace your mop head or just simply clean it.

Can I use bleach to clean my mop head that has a pungent odor?
Make sure that you do not use bleach to clean it since it can damage your mop. Although a bleaching agent may possess the ability to get rid of the pungent smell however it tends to damage the fibers of your mop head by breaking it down. 

What do I use instead of a bleaching agent that is safe for my mopping head?
Instead of a bleaching agent, you can make a mixture of your own to clean your mop head. This does it yourself recipe includes the mixing of hot water of around 3 gallons, a cup of salt, and baking soda around 3 cups.
Once the mixture is created leave your mob in it for the next five to six hours. This remedy is bound to get rid of any orders that your mop possesses

Can I wash my mop head?
Yes, you can wash your mop head only if it is not made up of a sponge or dry material. It is essential for you to regularly clean your mop head to maintain its durability. But before you choose to clean your mop head make sure that it will not be damaged by the materials that you are using. 

How do I wash my mop head?
But using the rent includes technique you can easily wash your mop head. This is a very light method that will not damage your product. What you can do is place your mopping head in a cleaning solution and rinse it well. Not only will it remove all the leftover Dalton dust from your previous wash but it will give more life to your mopping head while making the cleaning session and more efficient one. 

Can I wash my mop head in a machine?
Yes, you can easily wash your mop head in a machine except if it is a sponge head mop, in which case it will cause damage to your mopping head. You should definitely schedule a time to wash your mopeds regularly. Periodic washing will lead to a higher-end performance delivered by your mopping head, especially after it’s washed thoroughly.
Not only that, but your floors may look shinier than before. Ensure to air dry your mopping head to avoid any tearing of fibers.

Can I wash my mopping head in a dishwasher?
Since the dishwasher is not as aggressive as a machine wash you can definitely use it to clean your mopping head.

How do I clean dry mops?
To achieve the best results for your dry moves incorporate vacuuming after the wash. For a high-end performance make sure that you shake your dry mops outside vigorously to dry them up. 

How often do I need to change my mopping head?
It is extremely essential for you to maintain your mopping head. Ignorance of cleanliness and maintenance may lead to mopping heads to become dangerous and hazardous. At times, you may find the need to completely replace the mopping head for the best possible outcome. 

The frequency of changing the mapping head depends upon your use. Ideally, it is recommended to change your mopping head after every 10 to 15 washes that is equivalent to 2 to 3 months if you use it frequently. Also changes required to prevent your mopping head from causing any scratches or damage to your floors.

How can I care for my mop in the safest way?
Since some of the dust and dirt shall be accumulated in your mopping head, it will be ideal for you to check it out after each cleaning session. Use a vacuum or a brush to get rid of any claims that might be stuck in your mopping head making it a bit dirtier.

If your mopping head becomes dirty to make sure that you clean in the washing machine about using the dishwasher.

What is the ideal way to store my mop?
First, clean your mop before storing it. Once done make sure that you place your mob upside down. Make sure that your mopping head does not come in contact or hit against any structure. You need to make sure that your mouth and its head receive sufficient ventilation which will allow it to last longer while increasing its performance.

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