How to clean the hardwood floor?

A hardwood floor looks beautiful and sparkles up every room, adding Yet, its cleaning is a real task for almost every woman out there. To use the best way to mop it and keep it gleamy and clean is a dream come true for everyone.

Usually, the natural ingredients help in maintaining the freshness and natural look of everything, and it has also proved to be accurate enough for mopping the floors. The cleaning of the hardwood floors is easy.

You only have to control the water usage and the consumption of the chemicals. We know that it is hard, yet the only thing that can lock the shine of your floor is only the water and soap.

How often should the hardwood floor be cleaned?

Hardwood floors need less cleaning but more care. Sweep the kitchen and the dining room frequently or daily, whatever is convenient for you. People visit these two rooms more so you have to vacuum it daily to avoid the dirt to stay on your floor for long.

You can mop it once a week or in a month as water is an ultimate enemy of the wood. So less interaction will reduce the chances of exploitation.

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 The best way to clean the hardwood floor is mopping with less water.

A wet mop can satisfactorily clean your wooden floors because it is enough to wipe away the remaining dust if you do the sweeping most frequently.

If it is not the case and you need to deep clean it by using a liquid cleaner, then sweeps your floor and prepares the mixture for deep cleaning by mixing warm water as needed, and a few drops of any dish soup, give it a gentle mix and you are ready to go.

Now start mopping a small area firstly with a damp cloth and then with the clean and dry cloth to absorb the remaining moisture from the floor.

Make sure if it’s your cleaning week and you are cleaning the room from scratch, then mop the floor, at last, to not risk the contact of water with wood for long. This practice will maintain the shine and cleanness of your wooden floor permanently.

The excessive use of chemicals on the wooden floor can make your floor dull and grimy.

The usage of harsh chemicals can make any surface dry and dull, especially the wooden floors. The use of abrasive cleaners can also leave scratches or any residue and causes dullness. Avoid using oils or any other cleaning sprays as they can affect the floor negatively.

It is important to note here that researchers even strictly prohibit vinegar and even lemon juice as these can be used for mirrors and not clean the woods, at least not the large quantity that ends up making your floor greasy or scratchy.

It is not like the floor cleaners are prohibited, but it is better to use mild products on the wooden floors as compared to the other type of floorboards.

The proper care can make the wooden floors to last longer. You only have to take care by putting the doormats, rugs, or placing a mat in the whole room to prevent the dirt from entering and then damaging the heart fill beauty of your room.

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